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So I did not realize I hadn't updated in like 5 months. Wow. My bad.

I have a few new friends so I guess I'll just combine my 'this is who I am' bit with my 'this is what I've been up to' bit!

So I graduated from the Unversity of Alabama in August with my degree in Chemical Engineering and I moved to Texas last month, where I'm working in the Pulp and Paper industry as a Process Engineer. The job was kind of rough at first. It was a big adjustment from my co-op and I was just frustrated with how sluggish things were at first. I felt like I was really getting ignored and while I recognize that happens some times and there were lots of other big factors coming into play, it's still frustrating and overwhelming when you're surrounded by new people and places and having a hard time finding your spot in life.

But things are getting MUCH MUCH better at work. I'm getting projects and getting to know the people and personalities that I work with and it's definitely not as miserable as it was to start.

I took a quick trip home weekend before last to visit my brother. He's in the Marines and he's stationed in DC so he was home for a week and I got to see him for about a day before I needed to come back to Texas and get back to work.

The mill going into an annual outage on Sunday which means I'm going to be working to the bone through the month of October. Bleh :(

In November, though, I'm going to finally get to take a trip back to Tuscaloosa to see my friends anddd see the Alabama/LSU game (if I can get tickets). Or at least tailgate! Wooot!

So, for those just tuning in, Bryan is a guy that I like(sleepwith) that I've been friends(talkingto) with for a couple of years now. He's going to grad school at USM and I'm going to try to visit him some time in November too, so I'm really looking forward to that.

Further, I'm stoke that it's fall and TV shows I love are coming back. I'm less stoked with how much my life is cutting into my WoW time! D: I want to raid Firelands! zomgarrrrrrrr Alright, okay, all kidding aside, my guild did just go through a merger and there are a ton of new people to meet and stuff and I've had no time really to get to be on the game. And when I do have time I'm just having trouble finding the motivation. Even if I have a free hour, it's hard to get anything done in the game in an hour. So I just don't even log on.


I really don't know. :) HI NEW TEEN WOLF FRIENDS. I LOVE YOU, OLD FRIENDS. I hope everyone is having a lovely week. What kinds of things are you guys digging right now?
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Not done harassing you all quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite yet. The help_nz charity auction ends TOMORROW.

Please check out my post. Seriously. I will at least attempt to write whatever it is your heart desires. New Zealand is beautiful and the home to a lot of people that I love very much. Help them out.

R&Z:  <3


Hi hi hi!

So I've been away from home for a couple of days but now that I'm back I can post. :D

I signed up at help_nz to write a fic. It's just a little auction and all the donations go to Christchurch, NZ, as they work to rebuild their lives there after the recent earthquake.

These charity auctions pop up all over the internet every time something bad happens somewhere. I've always thought it was great, but never participated. But this one is close to my heart. So if you are interested in buying a fic (or art, or audio, or crafts, etc), check out the community. If you just want to donate, there are links on the community sidebar to some great organizations.

And my auction is here. :D
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Doors and Walls

Title: Doors and Walls
Author: theskyturnsred
Pairing(s): Jo/Mäx
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't know any of the characters involved and I'm not associated with them in any way shape or form. Not harm is meant by this story.
Warnings: Slash. Masturbation. Voyeurism.
Summary: Fabi has a plan to ensure that he never has to see his brother jerking off again.
Author's notes: This was originally an idea for an MMOM fic, but the idea of me actually participating in anything that requires so many stories is pretty laughable. So I'll leave that to the pros. ;) Also, I had kind of a 'bandhouse' idea going for this fic. The three of them all live together, even though I'm aware that's not reality. Also, a big huge enormous thank you to sarahsan for the inspiration and guidance and beta.

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LOL SO AFTER AN INTERESTING MISCOMMUNICATION WITH A FRIEND, YOU GUYS GET A POLL. I'm leaving this entry public and I'd like to get a wide variety of answers so plz2be linking your friends.

Poll #1301197 Going Down?

If you're going down on someone, what are you doing to them?

Performing Oral Sex
Something else