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Doors and Walls

Title: Doors and Walls
Author: theskyturnsred
Pairing(s): Jo/Mäx
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I don't know any of the characters involved and I'm not associated with them in any way shape or form. Not harm is meant by this story.
Warnings: Slash. Masturbation. Voyeurism.
Summary: Fabi has a plan to ensure that he never has to see his brother jerking off again.
Author's notes: This was originally an idea for an MMOM fic, but the idea of me actually participating in anything that requires so many stories is pretty laughable. So I'll leave that to the pros. ;) Also, I had kind of a 'bandhouse' idea going for this fic. The three of them all live together, even though I'm aware that's not reality. Also, a big huge enormous thank you to sarahsan for the inspiration and guidance and beta.

It didn’t start out as a conscious thing, really. Mäx was completely consumed by his video game, talking to the screen, leaning with his controller, pounding those buttons like his life depended on it. Jo watched for a while, amused. But eventually he got bored. He wandered into his room, flopped down on his bed. The boner had just kind of…happened. The jerking off, that was pretty routine. But the thoughts of Mäx? That was the first time. In all honesty, it had kind of blindsided Jo.

It happened again about a month later. Mäx was sitting on top of the kitchen counter, legs crossed Indian style, pen scribbling away at a notebook in his lap and his tongue resting against his lip ring as he concentrated. When Jo came in, Mäx grabbed every last bit of his attention and refused to let go. He slipped off to his room for a little alone time.

With time, these episodes became weekly events. A habit Jo had started to grow fond of, really. His time alone: him, his hand, and his thoughts. He’d been over every fantasy in his head. Every combination of him and his best friend, finally together and close on a whole new level. Kissing. Holding one another. Mäx as Jo’s pillow. They had lots and lots of sex in Jo’s head. All over the place. In their rooms. On the bus. In venues. In public bathrooms. In airplanes. In buses. There was pretty much no place safe from Jo’s fantasies.

His favorite fantasy took place right here in his room, though. During his alone time. In it, Mäx would inadvertently stumble into the room, looking for a pencil or his hoodie or a clean pair of socks to borrow. It was usually different, but what was always the same was the look on Mäx’s face when he saw Jo sprawled on the bed before him, moaning softly. Obviously, Mäx-in-Jo’s-head was then overcome with unstoppable lust and some very good sex ensued.

For months it remained a fantasy.

Jo was being quiet. Well, mostly quiet. He was always mostly quiet. He was stretched out long on the bed, hand moving slowly up and down on his cock. He watched through half-lidded eyes, imagining instead that it was Mäx’s hand on his cock, teasing him so perfectly that Jo was trembling. Mäx consumed his thoughts. All he could think about was his smile and his voice and his hair and his touch. Every thought brought him closer.

But then, the door opened. “Jo, have you seen my…OH, EW. JO, what the fuck, haven’t you heard of a lock?”

Jo jerked his hand off of himself, diving for the covers, his face infinitely red. He was fucking horrified. “Fabi, get OUT!”

Fabi ran off without a second thought.

Once Jo got over his mortification, he started to think about what had happened. For as long as he’d been fantasizing about being caught by Mäx, he’d never actually considered that he’d be caught. It had never actually happened before and he and Fabi had lived right next door to one another their whole lives. But if Fabi could catch him, why not Mäx?

So he formulated a plan. It wasn’t a very good plan. A vague idea at best. But Jo figured it couldn’t be that hard to actually get Mäx to walk in on him, right? The three of them shared a house, after all. And it was pretty much risk free. If Mäx didn’t react in reality the way he did in fantasy, then it was no harm done but an awkward moment.

Mäx was wandering aimlessly around the house, looking bored. He’d beaten his new video game, eaten lunch, talked to his parents on the phone. Jo took this restlessness as an opportunity. He padded down the hall into his room, tugged the door closed gently, but left it unlocked, of course. He crawled into bed, realizing that even though he’d decided on this grand scheme…he was basically doing the same thing he always did. But he didn’t dwell on the thought and just got down to business. Well, down to pleasure, perhaps.

And it was going well, until about ten minutes later when Fabi’s voice interrupted him once again. “Jo, I can’t find my drumsticks!”

“Oh my god, are you fucking kidding me, Jo?” he said, hand flying up to cover his eyes as he fled the room.

Well fuck. Twice in a month now. Fabi was not supposed to be the one to catch him. What the fuck, why wouldn’t Mäx just walk in, god damnit? He needed to try something bigger. But what?

Life hit. All three of them were busy as fuck with this and that. Fabi’s movie came out. Mäx went out of town. Then Jo went out of town, doing projects and performances. He found himself buried under a load of schoolwork, stressed about writing the new album. His plans fell by the wayside, until one day when they were all finally back home, Mäx came wandering into the living room, topless and wearing his jeans low around his hips. His hair was a complete mess. Jo suspected he’d fallen into a midday nap.
Jo watched as he came in wordlessly, grabbed a t-shirt off of the back of a chair, tugged it on, and wandered right off again.

Suddenly, everything came flooding back into Jo’s mind. God, he wanted Mäx. Felt almost as if he needed him. As Mäx walked off, Jo actually hummed a little, tossing his book aside and rubbing his face in his hands.

After a few minutes, Jo disappeared to his bedroom, making a point to leave the door open a crack. Mäx was up and about in the house. He had to walk in. He just had to.

So Jo stripped his shirt off, tossed it aside, undid his jeans and crawled into bed, sighing heavily with needed. It had been too long since he’d had this time. Even if it didn’t go the way he wanted, he could still use the alone time. He wiggled his jeans down his hips, along with his boxer briefs, reaching down slowly and taking himself into his hand. He kept his eyes closed, just doing what he normally did. Letting Mäx take over his mind. His body moved on instinct, his hips pressing up into his hand as he moaned softly.

“Joooo, I’m bored- Oh fuck, really? With the door open and everything?” Fabi said, sounding scarred and horrified now. “Fuck, are you trying to get me to walk in on you? Do you think it’s funny?”

Really, this was getting old. Jo considered for a moment just never jerking off again. Fucking Fabi and his horrible timing…

“Not you,” he said dully as he grabbed for the covers, flushed and discouraged. It seemed his idea just was not going to happen.

Fabi had been turning to leave when he stopped and turned back. His eyes widened, and he stepped forward, his voice falling to a whisper. “Mäx?” he hissed softly.

Jo just gave him a look. A pointed, was-that-really-necessary, yes-of-course-who-else look. Fabi just rolled his eyes and walked off, slamming Jo’s door behind him.

Fabi was pissed. What the fuck was Jo’s deal? He needed to draw the fucking line somewhere because Fabi was sick of seeing his brother in that state just because of some fucking goal he’d set to royally fuck up their band or something.

However, he was still bored. Maybe he could get Mäx to take him out for lunch or something. “Mäx, I’m bored,” he said, pushing his way into Mäx’s room only to just stop short. No fucking way.

Mäx was hunched up against the wall of his room’s that was closest to Jo’s room, clearly doing quite the very same thing that Jo had previously been doing. “Ugh, fuck, sorry,” Fabi said, quickly disappearing with his tail between his legs.

He grabbed his jacket and got out of the fucking apartment as fast as he could.

After about an hour of wandering around aimlessly, munching on some candy he’d stopped to buy, he pulled out his cell phone to text his brother. “If you can get your hand off of your dick for an hour, I need to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry. Okay. I’m here whenever you need me. You know that,” Jo replied, feeling stupid for everything and just determined to get over his stupid fantasy. He’d jerk off safely locked in the shower from now on, and that was that.

When Fabi finally chilled out enough to come back to the apartment, a couple of hours had passed.

Out of guilt, Jo had set about making Fabi’s favorite dinner, and was mostly done when he heard Fabi coming into the apartment. “Hey. Go wash up,” he called over his shoulder as he set the heat under the pan of chicken and pasta to low, moving to pull plates from the cabinet. “And grab Mäx and tell him it’s time to eat, please?” Jo asked.

Fabi had softened up a lot. The deliciousness of dinner had helped. He almost started to feel guilty just for making Jo feel guilty. So after they’d all eaten and Mäx wandered off, Fabi stayed to help Jo clean up and do the dishes.

They put all the dishes into a sink full of soapy water, with Jo washing and Fabi drying. “What’d you need to talk to me about, Fabi?” Jo prodded gently as he passed off a handful of cutlery and dipped his hands back down into the hot water.

Fabi just smirked a little and rolled his eyes. “Oh, umm…” He thought about the little discovery he’d made in Mäx’s room, and contemplated whether he should just straight up tell Jo what he’d seen and let them deal with the politics, or if perhaps he should try to get a little more information on the subject. “I guess I just…well. I guess I just wanted to talk to you about… the Mäx thing, you know? How long have you…you know. Liked him?”

Jo blushed a little bit and looked away. “I thought you wanted to talk to me about you,” he said, starting to clam up.

Fabi frowned. “Hey, we’re all in a band together, Jo. This is about me,” he argued. He sighed. “Look, I just…I was going to tell you what happened after I walked in on you today. I was gonna go find Mäx and make him go out to lunch with me but when I went into his room…”

Fabi paused and coloured, feeling guilty all of a sudden, as if he was betraying Mäx, even though he knew the two hard headed assholes needed the prodding.

“What, Fabi? Just tell me,” Jo said, sighing.

“Well, when I went into his room, he was jerking off too. But he was…” Fabi wrinkled his nose a little bit. “He was listening to you…” he finally explained.

Jo’s eyes went wide. “What?” he hissed, his voice barely detectable it was so quiet. “You’re fucking with me. You’re getting back at me. You think that’s funny, Fabi? That’s so not even in the realm of funny,” he said, dropping the dishes back into the sink and turning on his heel to storm off.

Fabi’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t really seen that coming, but it did say a lot about Jo’s feelings for Mäx, he figured. “No, Jo, wait,” he said, reaching out and grabbing his brother’s shirt and actually yanking him back. Jo was taken off guard enough that he stumbled a couple of steps backwards. “Jo, I’m being serious,” he said quickly. “And if you fuck up our band I’ll cut your dick right off, but… I have a plan,” he said conspiratorially.

Jo had to admit. Fabi’s plan was infinitely better than anything Jo could have come up with himself. And honestly, the idea of his brother helping him get Mäx kind of gave him stupid girly warm fuzzies inside. And best of all, he was optimistic. Fabi’s plan…it was going to work. Because unlike Jo’s horrible attempts at getting what he wanted, Fabi’s plan didn’t leave anything to chance.

All Jo had to do was pretend to be himself.

Fabi had graciously offered to just leave the house altogether for the afternoon while Jo put the plan into action. Jo made his subtle exit while Mäx was playing video games, quiet just like always. He slipped into his bedroom, tugged the door shut, and climbed into his bed.

He kept his clothes on.

After several moments, while listening quietly to the house outside his room, he let out a soft, fake, but very realistic-sounding moan.

He actually jumped a little bit when eh heard the floor creak outside his bedroom as Mäx padded down the hallway. Jo was so nervous he was shaking, a heavy tension in his chest as he just kind of worried to himself. But so far, the plan was going accordingly. He let out another soft little moan, a whimper. Then he fell quiet again, listening.

Yes, okay. That was definitely Mäx opening and closing his door. Jo felt a little surge of excitement. It was going to work. It was definitely going to work.

Trying to ensure the timing was okay and he still sounded realistic, Jo let out another soft moan. He realized after a couple of moments that if he closed his eyes and thought about Mäx, right there on the other side of that wall, pants around his knees…. Well, anyways. It made moaning realistic very much easier.

Jo checked his watch. It had been about ten minutes since he’d heard Mäx go into his room. Giving another soft little moan, he quietly crept out of the bed, opened his door as silently as he could, and tiptoed up the hall, avoiding the creaky spot that had given Mäx away only moments before.

He stared at Mäx’s door for several seconds longer than was really necessary, steeling his nerves before reaching down, gently turning the handle, and pressing inside.

What he saw made his breath stop.

Mäx hadn’t heard him come in. Mäx wasn’t even really listening to what was happening in the next room either. He was just wrapped up in his own head by now. He was curled up against the wall facing Jo’s room, on his knees and hunched over, his forehead against the wall. Jo could see his arm moving swiftly, and thought his knees might just buckle right there. Fuck…

At first, he was just so completely frozen. He couldn’t do anything but watch Mäx. But desire propelled him forward, his legs moving before he realized they were doing so. He drew closer and closer to Mäx, but still, Mäx didn’t notice he was there.

Jo’s breath stopped completely as he slowly sank to his knees right behind Mäx, reaching out and wrapping one arm over his shoulder and down and the other around his waist and up so he held his best friend in a diagonal kind of hug. “Mäx,” he hummed softly, his voice low and intimate.

Mäx was too far gone to do anything but lean back into Jo’s open arms and hum softly. “Jo, Jo, Jo,” he mumbled.

Jo couldn’t believe this was happening. He really couldn’t. He had Mäx in his arms, Mäx mumbling his names. Mäx so fucking close to the brink. “Let me, please let me,” he said as he slid his hand down. Mäx’s hand moved away and Jo replaced it seamlessly, stroking Mäx with the same rhythm and kissing at the back of his neck. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered into Mäx’s shoulder, shifting forward so their bodies pressed together as fully as they could. “You’re so perfect. I love you, Mäx. I love you,” he whispered, feeling so alive and yet so terrified.

Mäx arm wrapped up and around, grabbing the back of Jo’s head. “I love you, Jo. Always loved you, oh fuck, please, Jo.”

Jo squeezed his hand just so and it was all over for Mäx. He tensed in Jo’s arms, body arching into Jo’s hand as he let out a choked cry and came all over Jo’s hand before slowly slumping back against his best friend.

Jo held him tight, nose buried in his best friend’s hair, refusing to let him go just yet. He finally had everything he wanted. Everything he needed.
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