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I've got arrogance down

to a science

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31 May 1989
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I’m Lacy. I’m 23. I'm an Alabama grad and an engineer.

I like slash. Gay boys are awesome. If you have a problem with the homos, this journal isn't the place for you. I'm not usually a writer, but I'm a reader and a flailer and a babbler and a picspammer, so there is plenty of sparkles in this journal.

I'm generally pretty nice to everyone, and I welcome new friends. I would warn, though, that I am very much a smartass, and if you can't take sarcasm, you probably won't like me.

I'm learning to speak German and at this point, it's kind of an obsession. It started when I fell in love with Tom Kaulitz, but it has grown from there. I'm hoping to get better at speaking the language but I'm truly a beginner.

In this journal, you'll find babbling about pretty boys, occasional memes I find amusing, stress rants about school, bitching about my family, loving about my family, concert and music reviews, posts about my friends from high school, mentions of my friends from University. I might talk about football now and again. ROLL TIDE.

Sometimes I'll make lists. Sometimes I'll give random people shoutouts of love. Sometimes I'll make posts that make absolutely no sense except to maybe one person. Sometimes I'll go for months without a post. Sometimes I'll post 3 times in a day. I will whore things I like. I will waste your time. I will waste my own time. But this is my journal, and that's pretty much how it's supposed to work. So however you found yourself here, welcome. ♥

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are love

And they're better together.

Credit for all of these goes to the lovely and beautiful and wonderful invader_julie

Hanson = My First Love ♥
Credit to boyslie2me

America is Love

Fire. You start small and bright and can easily
survive with little outside influence, making
you very independent.

Personality: Because you're so capable of
independence, you have a lot of confidence and
a well-established personality, making you
unlikely to change. However this means you
often come on a little strong. People sometimes
get burned and this leaves you greatly
misunderstood. You're very honest, making you a
little harsh, but you're also a little naive
because you want others to be honest too. You
have layers, though, which means you have
secrets. But you would never withhold
information concerning the people around you.
Your ability to be self-sufficient also makes
you very cautious in building relationships. If
youve a solid connection your friends will
experience your strongest traits. Theyll get
your honesty, but more importantly theyll get
your unwavering loyalty.

Temper: Contrary to what you might think, your
temper isn't that volatile. While you can
easily bring destruction to the things around
you, it's rare that you'll actually strike. You
might be easily irritated, but you know that if
you only send off sparks, it will keep you from
ever losing control of a very powerful temper.
If people push you, they're not going to get
mcuh of a reaction, and they should be grateful
for that.

Which Element Are You? (w/pictures and VERY in-depth answers)
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